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Royal Amethyst Jewelry

This set is truly fit for Royalty. These pieces are One of a Kind. The earrings Feature a 15 x 10mm oval gemstone and a 25 x 15mm pear shaped gemstone. These stones are encased in hand crocheted 14 kt gold-filled baskets. The 14 kt gold-filled ear wire features a 4mm cubic zirconia gemstone. The amethysts are connected by an 8mm bezel set cubic zirconia gemstones.

Price $425.00

The Ring features a 25 x 15mm pear shaped amethyst gemstone with side stones of 10mm cubic zirconia. These stones are encased in 14 kt hand crocheted baskets and placed upon a .5” wide crocheted band.

Price $ 265.00

The Bracelet features five different sizes of Amethyst placed at different angles on this hand crocheted 1.5” wide 14 kt gold-filled bracelet. Length 7.5”

Price $575.00


Coming Up Roses Necklace

Soft hand crocheted 14 kt Rose gold-filled is draped around your neck with a wave of cubic zirconia gemstones in a crossover. The necklace is 17” in length, the crossover is 2” in length. Perfect for any affair.

Price $450.00

Golden Cleopatra Necklace

Imagine wearing the single piece of jewelry that elevates you above the crowd. This hand crocheted collar is 1.25” wide and fits snugly around the neck. It has a magnetic clasp topped with an oval blue crystal gemstone. It is available in both 14 kt gold-filled or sterling silver.

Price $750.00